Contact a Legislator

All too often, everyday people feel powerless to affect what is going on in our city, state, or country. Sure, in theory we “let our voice be heard” through voting, but once that’s done many feel that the process is out of our hands. I include myself in that group sometimes. But the truth is that it is not that way; we can still have an impact. Continue reading “Contact a Legislator”


Link: Using Your Skills to Make a Difference

Image: public domain

All of us have valuable skills, but have you considered how you could be using your skills to make a difference?

The author of the article below arguably already makes a difference in her every-day job teaching music, teaching future music teachers, and promoting the arts in general.  But she took it one step further and volunteered her skills in a very needy but often-forgotten place.

The article is entitled “Little Band of Dreamers.”

Check it out here!


Make a Difference with Reusable Bags – By Actually Using Them


Image: pixabay under creative commons


Sometimes I feel like I’m addicted to bags.  Probably related to my affinity for all things storage (that I never use), but I love to collect reusable bags.  Something about the possibility it holds is enamoring.  Bags, which I stash in the closet, and never see the light of day.  This is a problem.

Unfortunately, if I really stop to think Continue reading “Make a Difference with Reusable Bags – By Actually Using Them”